Civil & Structural Engineering

Asphalt in building construction and civil engineering is often exposed to high stresses, whether as a road surface on bridges, bridge seals or as a surface pavement in parking garages or on parking lots. Depending on the application, special asphalts and mixtures are used to meet the requirements for stability, deformation resistance and skid resistance, as well as to withstand shear forces and vertical loads.


Product Product name Certified according to
Mastic asphalt MA TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13103-6
Mastic asphalt screed IC DIN EN 13813
Asphalt concrete AC D TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13103-1
Stone Mastic Asphalt SMA TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13103-5

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