Asphalts for fermentation silos

Asphalt, due to its physical and chemical properties, is ideally suited as a waterproofing material for agricultural fermentation silo systems (JGS-Anlagen), be it as a fermentation feed silo or a storage and filling surface in biogas plants. The viscous and chemical properties of the binder bitumen and the use of acid-resistant aggregates and grains allow the production of relatively large surfaces with comparatively few joints and seams, where seepage juices may penetrate and thus attack the surface pavement. In the case of fermentation feed silos, asphalt is also physiologically harmless when it comes into contact with feed.

Our asphalts for silo systems have been approved by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) (approval no.: Z-75.22-20).


Product Product name Certified according to
Asphalt concrete D (sealing layer) SILO-phalt 8 D N M A-UwS

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