Myaktiv Rubber Powder: Professional products and solutions for the modification of bitumen and asphalt.

With an efficient waste management and the long-term preservation of valuable and high-quality landfill space, we sustainably protect our environment and preserve it for future generations. In this context, it is necessary to recycle materials as much as possible in all respects. The problem of the immense amount of used tires, almost half of which consist of rubber, offers the opportunity to reuse this secondary raw material as much as possible in asphalt road construction in order to save petroleum polymers and bitumen.


Sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly - scrap tire recycling is ecological, economical and responsible.

Our products Myaktiv are additives for the production of rubber-modified asphalt pavements. Myaktiv is ideally suited for the modification of road bitumen and asphalt in accordance with the E GmBA. The additives offer clients and asphalt producers the opportunity to achieve environmentally friendly utilization of recycled materials, with considerable advantages over conventional construction methods. When used in asphalt pavements, among other things, better effects can be achieved than with the use of polymer-modified bitumen (PmB).

In the Myaktiv products, only rubber powder or rubber granulates made from recycled material of 100% unmixed used truck tires are used. Due to the grinding process, the grinding fineness as well as the activation by a special additive made from renewable raw materials and, if necessary, the addition of an adhesion improver, the Myaktiv products are environmentally friendly alternative materials to polymers from petroleum processing.

With our new product Myaktiv Eco, we can lower the processing temperature of the rubber-modified asphalt, thus helping to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, we reduce the pollution from vapors and aerosols during processing.

The fields of application of Myaktiv are:

Advantages of Myaktiv in asphalt road construction


Legend: BigBag (0,5 to + 1,0 to)   BigBag (500 kg + 1.000 kg)      Palettenware   bagged (20 kg PE bags)
Product   Density at 15°C Bulk density Flash point Recommended dosage
(related to the bitumen)
Addition possibility
at the asphalt plant
Purchase option
Myaktiv 90   1,00 - 1,05 g/cm³ 0,43 - 0,50 g/cm³ > 220 °C 12 – 15 M.- % direct addition to mixer Palettenware
Myaktiv 75   1,10 - 1,20 g/cm³ 0,50 - 0,60 g/cm³ > 220 °C 16 - 19 M.- % eligible BigBag (0,5 to + 1,0 to)
Myaktiv Eco   1,00 - 1,05 g/cm³ 0,43 - 0,50 g/cm³ > 220 °C 12 – 15 M.- %

eligible or direct addition to mixer

BigBag (0,5 to + 1,0 to) Palettenware

Product information:
All data correspond to our current experience with regard to manufacture and application. The values and average values contained therein are for non-binding advice and information.

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