Special asphalts

The most diverse requirements and stresses on pavements or traffic areas can be optimally designed through the use of asphalt and special mixtures. Asphalt layers are universally applicable and can be adapted to almost any requirement by using different types of bitumen or aggregates to meet a wide range of properties:


Product Product name Certified according to
Asphalt binder
Stone mastic binder SMA B H AI ABi
Asphalt conrete B (continuously stepped binder) AC B SG H AI ABi
Asphalt wearing/top
Thin overlays in hot application on sealcoating DSH-V ZTV BEA-StB
Asphalt concrete D (rich in grit) AC D SP AP AC D SP
Noise-optimized asphalts
Stone Mastic Asphalt (low-noise) SMA LA E LA D
Asphalt concrete D (noise-optimized) AC D LOA E LA D
Porous Mastic Asphalt PMA AP PMA
Water permeable asphalts
Water-permeable asphalts PA T WDA, PA D WDA M VV
Sports field surfacing
Water-permeable asphalts for artificial turf surfaces PA T WDA, PA D WDA DIN EN 18035
Semi-rigid surfaces
Asphalt supporting structure for semi-rigid surface courses ATG 11, ATG 16 M HD
Recycled asphalt
Hot asphalt foundation layers AFS-H M AFS-H
Asphalt for hydraulic engineering Asphalt mastic  
Landfill asphalts
Modified asphalt pavements
Temperature reduced asphalt pavements   M TA
Rubber modified asphalt pavements GmB T TL RmB BY E GmBA

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