Road construction & civil engineering

The rocks of our quarries are suitable for all types of road construction and civil engineering. In accordance with current regulations and through constant monitoring by our in-house laboratory, we produce the highest quality aggregate products.


Product Certified according to
Sands TL Gestein-StB
Grit TL Gestein-StB
Grit-sand mixtures TL Gestein-StB
Frost protection layers (FSS) UF3 and UF5 TL SoB-StB
DIN EN 13285
Ballast base courses (STS) UF3 and UF5 TL SoB-StB
DIN EN 13285
Gravel and rubble TL Gestein-StB
Grit and gravel mixtures TL Gestein-StB
Mineral mixtures, fill material and pre-sieve  
Blast rock materials  

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