Road & street construction

Asphalt in road and street construction is the most important building material for the construction and maintenance of our traffic infrastructure. Our road network is our lifeline in terms of mobility and asphalt has proven its worth as a high-quality bound road structure and is present everywhere, be it on our highways, federal and state roads, county roads, local thoroughfares, or even on sidewalks and bike paths.


Product Product name Certified according to
Asphalt concrete base T AC T TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13108-1
Asphalt concrete base TD AC TD TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13108-1
Asphalt concrete binder B AC B TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13108-1
Asphalt concrete D AC D TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13108-1
Stone mastic asphalt SMA TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13108-5
Mastic asphalt MA TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13108-6
Porous asphalt PA TL Asphalt-StB
DIN EN 13108-7

At all locations, we accept uncontaminated demolition asphalt and asphalt millings (AVV 170302) in accordance with recycling class A (RuVA-StB).


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