Roofing membrane industry: Thuringian Slate for your roof.

Thuringian slate has been considered a proven natural stone material for fireproof roofing and wall coverings for centuries. The mining and processing of slate in the Thuringian Slate Mountains, mainly in the region around Lehesten/County of Saalfeld, has a tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages.

In our Schmiedebach open pit slate mine, also known as "Oertelsbruch", Debus Schiefer GmbH produces slate products for the roofing and bitumen membrane industry from the clay slate deposit. The Schmiedebach slate mined there impresses with its dark blue color and its extraordinary flatness.

Application areas

  • Spreading material in the manufacture of bituminous sheeting / roofing membranes
  • Spreading material for the production of roof shingles
  • Spreading material for roof renovation (manual spreading)
  • Filler in bitumen

Advantages of slate flakes D

  • Excellent adhesion ratio due to the very platy grain shape
  • Low quantity consumption per m²
  • Color and UV resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Frost and heat resistant
  • Resistant to rotting
  • Chemically inert (acid and alkali resistant)


Legend: Siloware   Silo    BigBag (1,2 to)   BigBag (1,2 to)
Product Picture Grain size (from - to mm) Purchase option
Slate flakes D 1,2 0,5 - 1,2 on request
Slate flakes D 1,6 natural 0,5 - 1,6 SilowareBigBag (1,2 to)
Slate flakes D 2,0 natural   0,5 - 2,0 on request
Slate flakes D 3,2 natural 0,5 - 3,2 BigBag (1,2 to)
Slate flakes D 1,6 treated 0,5 - 1,6 SilowareBigBag (1,2 to)
Slate grit D 0,2-0,5 natural 0,2 - 0,5 SilowareBigBag (1,2 to)
Slate powder D     on demand

Physical analysis

Type of stone Relative density Loose bulk density
Slate 2,70 g/cm³ 1.20 - 1.30 kg/dm³

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